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Rostler S

Spoonful of cinnamon may help diabetics

Reuters Health (Aug) 00:Aug 24, 2000

This new release is available through YAHOO for a limited time at this link.

Thursday August 24 1:53 PM ET Spoonful of cinnamon may help diabetics

By Suzanne Rostler

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- People with type 2 diabetes may improve their ability to regulate their blood sugar by adding a little spice to their life, report researchers.

The news release describes an interview by Ms. Rostler with Dr. Richard Anderson, from the Beltsville, Maryland Human Nutrition Center, a division of the US Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Anderson found both in cultured cells and in animals, that cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity in adipocytes. This work has not been published. Interested persons should follow the ADA 2000 abstracts for further information. A link to these will be availabe on HDCN once posted on the web.

Of interest is a recent paper available from the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site: by Onderoglu et al, J Pharm Pharmacol 51:1305-1312.