HDCN Article Review/Hyperlink

Yu AW, Nawab ZM, Barnes WE, Lai KN, Ing TS, Daugirdas JT

Splanchnic erythrocyte content decreases during hemodialysis: a new compensatory mechanism for hypovolemia

Kidney Int (Jun) 51:1986-1990 1997

It is now known that there is central translocation of blood volume during dialysis, but the source of this translocated blood is not known. In this paper Yu et al (I am a coauthor) show that there is shifting of blood out of the viscera during volume depletion (ultrafiltration) but not during diffusion dialysis. I can't say much more about this great paper, because I'm biased, but the abstract is available from the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site: click here .