HDCN Article Review/Hyperlink

Friedman EA, Distant DA, Fleishhacker JF, Boyd TA, Cartwright K

Aminoguanidine prolongs survival in strepotozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Am J Kidney Dis (Aug) 30:253-259 1997

Dr. Friedman discussed the potential of aminoguanidine to prevent protein denaturation on cyberounds" last August one year ago. You need to register with cyberounds to access this talk.

The abstract of this paper, which shows that aminoguanidine works in streptozotocin- induced diabetic rats, is available from the AJKD online at this site.

If you have registered at the Lancet On-Line site, a related editorial describing the vagaries of an aminoguanidine trial in humans is also available at the Lancet site.