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Prabhu PN, Kerns SR, Sabatelli FW, Hawkins IF, Ross EA

Long-term performance and complications of the Tesio twin catheter system for hemodialysis access

Am J Kidney Dis (Aug) 30:213-218, 1997

The direct link to this abstract can be found via the AJKD website.

For 1997 and 1998 abstracts click here. to dialysis right after I place the catheter. I can't afford to wait 24 hous with $35 worth of Urokinase dwelling in the catheter.

The good news: I saw a catheter this morning that combines the benefit of the Tesio with that of single catheters which should be widely available soon. If it works out, our patients could benefit enormously. (Scott Trerotola, M.D. Director of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, University of Indiana Medical Center, Indianapolis)
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