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Wolf G, Ziyadeh FN, Thaiss F, Tomaszewski J, Caron RJ, et al

Angiotensin II stimulates expression of the chemokine RANTES in rat glomerular endothelial cells

J Clin Invest (Sep) 100:1047-1058 1997

Chemokines are believed to be important in causing glomerular injury, as they serve to attract macrophages and monocytes to injured tissues. In this paper, in cultured glomerular endothelial cells, ANG II was found to stimulate production of one chemokine called RANTES, and this effect was found to be mediated via AT2 receptors. AT1 blockers such as losartan potentially cause indirect stimulation of AT2 receptors, as they result in a reflex increase in circulating levels of angiotensin. The findings of this study thus imply that drugs such as losartan may be less efficacious than ACE-inhibitors in preventing certain forms of renal injury. (John T. Daugirdas, M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago)

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