HDCN Article Review/Hyperlink

Tsai NC, Zuckerman E, Han SH, Goad K, Redeker AG, Fong TL

Effect of iron depletion on long-term response to interferon -alpha in patients with chronic hepatitis C who previously did not respond to interferon therapy

Am J Gastroenterol (Oct) 92:1831-1834 1997

Next week we will be linking to a series of papers and an editorial from the Annals suggesting that it may well be cost effective to treat many HCV patients with interferon. In preparation for this, this week we link to a paper by Telfer et al describing adjunctive use of ribavirin, and the present paper by Tsai and colleagues suggesting that iron- depleted patients may respond better to interferon treatment. The paper is not very strong, and the added benefit may well be from a longer treatment period. However, at a time when nephrologists are being pushed to load patients with iron to ensure proper treatment of anemia, potential adverse effects of this on the liver in HCV(+) patients may need to be considered. (jtd)

The abstract of the Tsai et al paper is available from the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site: click here .