Barnas U, Schmidt A, Illievich A, Rabensteiner D, Prager R, Mayer G
The ACE gene polymorphism in patients with diabetic nephropathy
Am Soc Nephrol
J Am Soc Nephrol (abstract) (Nov) 6:1036 1995

In this study the effects of ACE gene polymorphism on the incidence of diabetic nephropathy in type I diabetics was studied. Whereas there was no relationship between frequency of the D-allele and nephropathy in diabetics cross-sectionally, when diabetic patients with disease duration of 20 years or more were studied, the frequency of the D allele was significantly higher in 44 patients with nephropathy than in the 24 patients without nephropathy. (Daugirdas)

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Am Soc Nephrol
Proteinuria/Hematuria : Diabetes