Bergstrom J, Heimburger O, Lindholm B, Qureshi AR
Elevated serum C-reactive protein is a strong predictor of increased mortality and low serum albumin in hemodialysis patients
Am Soc Nephrol
J Am Soc Nephrol (abstract) (Nov) 6:573 1995

In 128 patients followed for 4 years, C-reactive protein correlated inversely with serum albumin and was a better predictor of survival at one year than albumin. A Cox proportional hazard model showed that C-reactive protein was an independent predictor of survival whereas albumin lost its significance when corrected for C-reactive protein and other variables.

Comment: This is a remarkable long-term study of patients categorized according to their C-reactive protein and albumin levels. Since C-reactive protein is an acute phase protein and albumin is a negative acute phase protein, the antiparallel correlation between mortality and the serum concentration of these two liver-derived proteins suggests that and inflammatory process or something other than nutritional deficiency is responsible for the high mortality associated with low albumin concentrations in ESRD patients. (Depner)

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