Greer JW
HIV/AIDS as a cause of renal failure
Am Soc Nephrol
J Am Soc Nephrol (abstract) (Nov) 6:389 1995

The incidence of HIV reported as the cause of ESRD on Medicare 2278 forms was reviewed for 1993. HIV was reported to cause 435 new cases of ESRD, 0.8% overall, representing a 21.5% increase over 1992. HIV was reported to cause 11.8% of the ESRD in young black males (ages 25 - 44). Cases were clustered on the East coast. Because of restrictions in HIV testing and under reporting, these figures likely underestimate the rate of HIV induced ESRD. (Pastan)

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Am Soc Nephrol
Proteinuria/Hematuria : HIV-associated nephropathy
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