Kimmel PL, Mishkin G, Umana W
Captopril increases renal survival in patients with HIV nephropathy
Am Soc Nephrol
J Am Soc Nephrol (abstract) (Nov) 6:423 1995

This paper has now been published in August 1996 AJKD 28:202. Renal survival was measured from time of biopsy in cases of HIV associated nephropathy (HIVAN) and compared in 9 patients taking captopril and 9 not taking captopril. This was not a randomized trial, but was sort of prospective. The captopril treated patients had a longer (83 days vs. 30 days) renal survival (defined as time to dialysis). Creatinines at baseline were similar, although proteinuria was less initially in the captopril group (5 g/day) vs controls (10 g/day). It was not clear if this was due to captopril tx at time of initial assessment or to a selection bias. (Daugirdas)

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Am Soc Nephrol
Proteinuria/Hematuria : HIV-associated nephropathy