Schoenfeld P, Rodriguez R, Mendelson M
Hepatitis C viral infection and HIV co-infection in hemodialyzed patients
Am Soc Nephrol
J Am Soc Nephrol (abstract) (Nov) 6:562 1995

The overall prevalence in HCV infection in hemodialysis patients was found to be 36% by ELISA II screening. The rate was 83% in 15 HIV positive patients and 25% of 82 HIV negative patients (P<0.0001). 14 of the coinfected patients had presumed or biopsy proved HIV associated nephropathy; one patient had MPGN. Nine of 13 coinfected patients were positive for cryoglobulins as were two HIV positive HCV negative patients. There were no apparent differences in clinical liver disease between the HIV positive and negative HCV infected patients. I agree with the authors' suggestion that HIV positive patients have a higher rate of HCV infection. I do not agree that HIV alone may be a risk factor for cryoglobulinemia, as HCV was not definitively ruled out in these patients by more specialized testing. (Pastan)

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Am Soc Nephrol
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