American Society of Nephrology '95

Itineraries and Selected Abstracts

Topic-Oriented Itineraries

These were selected using the ASN-FASEB Keyword Search diskette (available from the ASN National Office). The goal was to select clinically relevant abstracts only, focusing on human studies. The list is not complete as the keyword search is not perfect. If your clinical abstract is not here, please forgive the oversight. It will be impossible to review all of these abstracts on HDCN. We will choose about 20-30%, summarize them, and place them in the main topic oriented index.
To use the itineraries, print them with the File Print command. You also can use the FIND command on your browser to look for a particular keyword or author. The abstracts are all printed in the September issue of JASN, the J Amer Soc Nephrol (vol 6, no. 3).

Acid-Base, Electrolytes (hyponatremia listed separately)
Acute renal failure
ANCA, Vasculitis
Bone disease, Vitamin D, Parathyroid Function
Cystic disease, including Polycystic Kidney Disease (PCKD)
Diabetic renal disease
Elderly patients with renal disease
Erythropoietin, Anemia
Focal glomerulosclerosis
Glomerulonephritis (ANCA, Vasculitis, Lupus listed separately)
Hemodialysis (access, hepatitis listed separately)
Hepatitis B and C in renal disease patients
IGA nephropathy
Interstitial nephritis
Lupus nephritis
Membranous nephropathy
Minimal change disease
Mortality, survival
Peritoneal dialysis
Progression of renal disease
Stones, nephrolithiasis

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