From: Christopher R. Blagg and Robert S. Lockridge

Dear all

For your infomation I have attached a copy of a letter we have sent out to some interested patients in efforts to begin getting grass roots support for HR 1004. We have been told by Congresssional staff that the most important thing to do now is to get more cosponsors for the bill.

We would be pleased if you would pass this information to other patients.

We will be following this with letters to physicians and further communications to patients.

We hope you will help our efforts to make the patient benefits of more frequent dialysis available as a treatment option soon. As Scrib has commented, the best proof that this treatment works is that almost all the patients who have ever tried it want to continue despite the extra effort involved.

Feel free to contact us if you have comments or questions.

Christopher R. Blagg MD FRCP
Tel: 206-232-3607
Fax: 206-230-4916
Mobile: 206-234-8791

Robert S Lockridge MD
Tel: 434-847-3954
Fax: 434-947-5944
Mobile: 434-942-8934

Dear patients, patient relatives and friends of patients

Now that the daily dialysis bill has been introduced again by Congress Jim McDermott, we need to get as many cosponsors for the bill as possible if it is to have any hope of passing this year. This is where you can be a great help.

We have attached to this email our letter to you and other patients asking for help, a copy of the bill and a copy of a document describing the issues. Feel free to share the letter widely and encourgae people to call and fax and/or email their Representatives.

Stress to people that they should use their own words in writing.

Feel free if you have questions or comments to email Dr. Lockridge (his address is on this email) or me or both of us.

Thanks for your help

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