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2020 Archive
(listed in reverse chronological order)

March 6, 2020



Hemodialysis University 2019
International Society for Hemodialysis
Chicago, IL; September 22-23, 2019


Impact of Volume Depletion and Volume Overload on Residual Renal Function and Cardiac Function
James Tattersall, MD

Technology to Assist in Control of Volume Overload
Elizabeth J. Lindley, PhD

Warfarin vs. Newer Medications for Atrial Fibrillation and Other Indications
Sagar Nigwekar, MD




Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 2019   
Renal Research Institute, New Orleans, LA; January, 2019

PARTS 6 and 7

Treatment of Sleep Disorders in CKD - A Practical Approach
Mark Unruh, MD

Difficult Patient Behavior in Dialysis Facilities
Jay Wish, MD

Body Fluids in ESRD: Statics and Dynamics
Jeroen Kooman, MD

Vascular Access: What Nephrologists need to know
Arif Asif, MD

Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation in HD patients: Why are we doing such a bad job?
Rajiv Saran, MD


Harvard Intensive Review of Nephrology 2018
Boston, MA; August, 2018

PARTS 6 and 7

Pre-Transplant Evaluation of Recipients
Jamil R. Azzi MD, and Sayeed K. Malek MD

Cardiorenal and Hepatorenal Syndromes
David J.R. Steele MD


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