Given the potential alkalosis risk due to bicarbonate-generating compounds in some dialysate concentrates, HDCN is posting an upcoming article on this topic.

Web posting of this preprint is being done with the full permission of the authors and the Artificial Organs journal (where this article will be published later in 2012).

Dual-concentrate bicarbonate-based hemodialysis: know your buffers
Orly F. Kohn1, Carl M. Kjellstrand2 and Todd S. Ing2

1 The University of Chicago, Department of Medicine, Chicago;
2 Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Maywood; IL, USA.

Corresponding Author: Orly F. Kohn MD, Nephrology MC5100, 5841 S. Maryland Ave, Chicago IL 60637, USA.




Artif Organs

To be published in Artificial Organs journal; in press, 2012.

Preprint of article (.pdf)

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