April 15, 2005:

Editor's note:

One shortcoming of HDCN has been a difficulty in searching for and retreiving past content. The previous search engine, ICE, was put in place in 1995, and was no longer effective in recent years. So we have now redone this part of the site. The new search link is at: http://www.hdcn.com/search.htm. This search is a feature restricted to key zone users. We have set up separate search engines for article links, abstracts, audiofiles, slide/audio talks, and legacy slide/audio talks. There are still a few problems to be ironed out, but please try this and email your suggestions to . In the articles search engine, a lot of the earlier links to articles on publisher websites have changed - for some reason some publishers like to change the paths to their content every few years. We are in the process of updating the links from articles linked from 2000 onwards. This updating should be done by end of April.

We also will be working to better distribute content to the lists present on the channels web pages, which have been a bit neglected in the recent past. Thanks for your continued support of HDCN and your comments and suggestions.

John Daugirdas, MD