NEPHROL listserv information

This nephrology Internet discussion group is accessible to you if you have Internet access through your institution or subscribe to an on-line service such as CompuServe, America Online, Netcom, or Prodigy. To subscribe to NEPHROL (it's free) send E-mail to and in the body of the message please write subscribe NEPHROL.

NEPHROL is an unmoderated online discussion group and Internet resource for nephrology professionals and those in allied areas of medicine. The field of Nephrology seems to have been somewhat left behind in the rush toward the "information superhighway". There have been few on-line resources in renal medicine. NEPHROL is a highly "interactive" entity with high quality discussion of hot topics in nephrology and allied disciplines such as renal pathology and transplantation. See also the International Society of Nephrology/Renal Pathology Society World Wide Web page.

Comments and questions about the content of this resource can be directed to Kim Solez, M.D. (Kim.Solez@UAlberta.CA) and technical queries and questions about how to access the resource can be directed to Michele Hales (Michele.Hales@UAlberta.CA).

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