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Reuters Health Information Services. This is a professional news site run by Reuters, which is free for the moment, but which will probably be subscription only very soon. You can get the week's top health stories here, or use the news search tool to find news relevant to hypertension, dialysis, renal or any other topic. Try putting in the above key words. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy this free site while you still can.

Press Releases: DOCTOR'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET This excellent site has a very comprehensive list of press releases, most of them from drug and medical device manufacturers, describing new products.

Press Releases: AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Note: The WWW address for the AMA press release site is To access the latest press release, click on the link just above. You will need to register with the AMA before being allowed to access this material.

Selected articles from the MMWR

Hypertension, Vascular Disease

News Alerts: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
* September 19, 1996. Beta-Agonists Safe and Effective in Mild Asthma
* August 28, 1996. NHLBI Scientists Find Link Between Common Virus and Restenosis
* May 21, 1996. Need for Early, Aggressive Hypertension Treatment
* September 21, 1995. Bypass Over Angioplasy for Patients With Diabetes
* September 1, 1995. Calcium Channel Blockers
Review of Furberg paper.
Review of Psaty paper.
Full text of Psaty paper (you must register to use the AMA site).
Bayer (manufacturer of nifedipine) press release commenting on debate between Drs. Furberg and Messerli at the November 1995 AHA meeting.
Background to FDA advisory committee on this topic. (January 24, 1996)
Initial FDA advisory committee recommendations. (January 25, 1996)
Long-term study of calcium antagonists: Reassessment of the Furberg hypothesis
Calcium antagonists and mortality in patients with coronary artery disease: A cohort study of 11,575 patients (Jul 96 JACC)
Calcium channel blockade and the incidence of cancer in aged populations (Aug 96 LANCET)

This is a very important site! Excellent pointers to recently published articles in AHA journals. The site is:


Recent analyses from the USRDS (United States Renal Data Systems) Note: The URL for the USRDS home page is Browse down to Gold Notes for summaries of (relatively) new findings.

Clinical Nephrology

November 1, 1995. NIH announces new trial evaluating alternate-day prednisone and fish oil supplements in young patients with IgA nephropathy (as announced in the accompanying article by RJ Hogg in the November issue of Am J Kidney Disease).

September 26, 1995. FDA expands access to experimental treatment for advanced renal cell cancer (From Health Info-Com Network Medical Newsletter, reproduced with permission). This news alert from the FDA announces establishment of a treatment IND (investigational new drug) for autolymphocyte therapy for renal cell carcinoma.