NKF 6th Spring Clinical Meeting (Dallas) --Apr: 1997

Selected Abstracts

Dialysis, Chronic Renal Failure

Complications (acute)

d Effect of sertraline hydrochloride on dialysis hypotension

Home hemodialysis

d Home hemodialysis in trained self-care ambulatory patients limited in urban setting by availability of space and partner

Adequacy, prescription, urea kinetics

d Effect of intradialytic parenteral nutrition on delivered Kt/V


d Pleural effusion complicating acute peritoneal dialysis in hemolytic uremic syndrome


d Rapid change in iron saturation after initiation or cessation of intravenous EPO in hemodialysis patients

Bone disease/aluminum

d Renagel lowers serum phosphorus and intact parathyroid hormone in hemodialysis patients

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