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NephroAsia National Kidney Foundation of Singapore
NephroAsia: National Kidney Foundation of Singapore
Singapore, June 2001

Selected Talks
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The Talks

The Prevention of Chronic Renal Failure at the Community Level
M.K. Mani, M.D.

Training and Renal Manpower Needs. A Serious Challenge Worldwide
Roland Blantz, M.D.

Intradialytic Complications: Monitoring, Prevention and Intervention
Nathan Levin, M.D.

Using AAMI Standards to Develop a High Quality Reuse Program
Lee Fischbach


Roland Blantz, M.D. Professor of Medicine and Chief, Nephrology Division, University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA. President-Elect, American Society of Nephrology.

Lee Fischbach Product Specialist, Minntech Corporation Minneapolis, MN

Nathan Levin, M.D. Medical and Research Director, Renal Research Institute, LLC, New York, NY. Clinical Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY.

M.K. Mani, M.D. Chief Nephrologist, Apollo Hospital, Madras, India.

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