Hemodialysis University™ 2014

International Society for Hemodialysis
Hyderabad, India.  March 1st & 2nd  2014
Part 7
Image guided interventions in dialysis access
Rajah Koppala, MD
Interventional Procedures to Aid Maturation
Gerald Beathard, MD
Dr. Shenoy, and Beathard
AV access: Maturation evaluation and long term management
Surendra Shenoy, MD
Part 6
Infections in the Hemodialysis Unit
Victor Gura, MD
Emerging technologies in Hemodialysis
Victor Gura, MD
Hazards of Benzyl alcohol as preservative in Heparin
K. S. Nayak, MD
Part 5
Vascular Access Changing Scenario and Challenges in India
Vasanth Kumar Reddy, MD
Anatomic and physiologic basis for Vascular access planning
Surendra Shenoy MD
Patient Evaluation Prior to Access Placement
Gerald Beathard, MD
The role of Long acting ESA – Darbepoietin in the current management of Anaemia
L H Surathkal, MD
Part 4
Introduction to LIMEA
K. S. Nayak, MD
Prescription and Delivery of Home Hemodialysis
Christopher T Chan MD
The Essentials of how to set up Home Hemodialysis
Mark R Marshall, MD
A Global Forum for implementing Hemodialysis in the Home
Christopher T Chan MD
Part 3
Convective Therapies in Chronic HD Patients: Basics and Beyond
Bernard Canaud, MD
Does RRT modality choice matter for the patient with AKI?
Andrew Davenport, MD
Part 2
When things go wrong: Technical Complications & Clinical Complications
Madhukar Misra, MD
Citrate dialysate - The future
Suhail Ahmad, MD
Part 1
Opening and Welcome
Madhukar Misra, MD
Hemodialysis adequacy - 'nuts and bolts'
John T. Daugirdas, MD
Hemodialysis adequacy. Kt/V and beyond
John T. Daugirdas, MD

Access to these talks is free of charge, but registration for the free zone of HDCN is required.

Madhukar Misra, MD (Course Director)
Professor of Medicine
University of Missouri Columbia
School of Medicine. Columbia, MO

K. S. Nayak, MD (Course Co-Director)
Head - Department of Renal Sciences
Dialysis Centres & Renal Transplant Programme
Deccan Hospital
Hyderabad, India

John T. Daugirdas, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois. USA

Suhail Ahmad, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Division of Nephrology, University of Washington
Chief Medical Officer, Northwest Kidney Centers

Bernard Canaud, MD
Professor of Nephrology
Montpellier University School of Medicine
Lapeyronie Hospital
Montpellier, France

Christopher T. Chan, MD
Director Division of Nephrology
University Health Network
R Fraser Elliot Chair in Home Dialysis
Professor of Medicine
University of Toronto, Canada

Mark R Marshall, FRACP MPH
Clinical Director
Department of Renal Medicine
Counties Manukau Health
Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Davenport, MD
Director of Dialysis Research
UCL Centre for Nephrology
Royal Free Hospital
University College London Medical School

Vasanth Kumar Reddy,  MD
Consultant Vascular & Transplant Surgeon
Hyderabad, India

Surendra Shenoy, MD
Washington University School of medicine
St. Louis, Missouri

Gerald A. Beathard, MD
Clinical Professor
University of Texas Medical Branch

LH Suratkal, MD
Lilavathi Hospital
Mumbai, India

Rajah Koppala MD
Specialist in Vascular and Oncological Interventions
MD, FRCR (England)

Victor Gura, MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
The David Geffen School of Medicine
University of California, LA
This educational activity is an audio recording with accompanying slides of a live presentation held on March 1st and 2nd, 2014, in Hyderabad, India. Continuing medical education credit is not available for this on-line archive. To view this educational activity, the user will need Windows (XP or higher) or Macintosh (version 9.0 or higher) operating software, a connection to the internet with a 28.8 kbps MODEM or better. The computer should have an audio card with speakers. An audio player is required and either can be downloaded for free per instructions on the individual lecture pages. Flash 8.0 (from www.adobe.com) is useful but not necessary to see the full-screen slide/audio presentations and the video presentations. Acrobat Reader is required to print the slide handouts.

Program Overview:

Target Audience:
This program is intended for practicing Nephrologists, nephrology fellows, dialysis technologists, interventional nephrologists, vascular access surgeons, and health professionals involved in dialysis programs.

Learning Objectives:
Understand best practices regarding management of chronic venous catheters for dialysis access, as well as patient workup for arteriovenous access, and access monitoring.

Understand the components of the water treatment system, their monitoring, and what to do when a given component fails.

Understand how to select and train patients for home hemodialysis, manage vascular access, home modification for home hemodialysis, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring, adequacy, and patient safety.

Understand how to control sodium & fluid and blood pressure to minimize cardiovascular risk


Disclosure Policy

It is the policy of the ISHD and HDCN that speakers with potential conflicts of interest disclose these at the time of presentation.

Off-label/lnvestigational Use
Because this course is meant to educate physicians with what is currently in use and what may be available in the future, there may be "off-label" use discussed in the presentations. Speakers have been requested to inform the audience when off-label use is being discussed.


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