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Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Foundation Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals
9th Annual Conference on Polycystic Kidney Disease, June 1998. Selected Talks.
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Welcome and introductory remarks

Mr. Dan Larson

Mr. Dan Larson
President and CEO of the Polycystic Kidney Research (PKR) Foundation, headquartered in Kansas City, MO.

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Mr. Dan Larson
We are very grateful that you are all here. This will be if not our largest, our probably second largest annual conference on polycystic kidney disease. The last time we were in Washington D.C., we had about the same amount of people, a little over 400, and so we are glad that you are here. I think some of you know, maybe not all of you know, but this is the only, and I mean the only, complete PKD educational forum on the planet. There are no others. So you are a part of something rather unique. There are 12.5 million people around the world who share the condition that many of you have in your family, and we would love to have all 12.5 million of them here, but I don't think they built a big enough hotel. We will work on that for later on.

My name is Dan Larson. I have the honor of serving as President and CEO of the PKR Foundation. I bring you a hearty welcome this morning. I trust that you will have a good time while you are here. Please feel free to ask questions of anybody who looks like they know something, especially the staff and members of our board of trustees, who will be introduced at another opportunity. Please let us know your feedback with regard to the conference, whether pro or con, and we will take that into consideration as we plan other conferences.

I would be interested to know this morning how many of you are first timers? For how many of you is this the first time you've been to a conference? Isn't that amazing? That's great! Based upon the experience of the previous eight conferences, we are rather confident that you are going to have an enjoyable and an informative time while you are here.

Introduction of Mr. Tom Flesch
To bring a welcome to you on behalf of the group that provides the governance and the leadership and the guidance to the PKR Foundation, is Mr. Tom Flesch. Tom is the Chairman of our Board of Trustees. He is President and CEO of Gordon Flesch Companies out of Columbus, Ohio. They are a rather large company there in the middle part of the country. Tom is a dear friend and a wonderful colleague and a great servant and a wonderful contributor and supporter of the mission of the PKR Foundation. Tom is going to bring you all a greeting this morning. Tom?
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