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Renal Physicians Association
Renal Physicians Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., April, 1998.

Selected Talks
The Talks

RPA Turns 25: A Retrospective
Emil Paganini, M.D.

The Origins of the RPA and the Early Years
John H. Sadler, M.D.

Nephrology (and the RPA) of the Future
Allen R. Nissenson, M.D.

Disease Management 1998: Coordination of Pre-ESRD Care
Robert Rubin, M.D.

Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical Guidelines, Clinical Pathways, and Clinical Performance Measures.
Louis H. Diamond, M.B.Ch.B.


Louis H. Diamond, M.B.Ch.B. , Dr. Diamond is Vice President and Medical Director of the MEDSTAT Group, Washington, D.C.

Allen R. Nissenson, M.D. , Dr. Nissenson is Professor of Medicine and Director of Dialysis, UCLA School of Medicine. President-elect, Renal Physicians Association

Emil Paganini, M.D. , Dr. Paganini is Professor of Medicine and Director of Extracorporeal Therapy, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.

Robert Rubin, M.D. , Dr. Rubin is staff Nephrologist and President and CEO, The LEWIN Group, Fairfax, VA.

John H. Sadler, M.D. , Dr. Sadler is a nephrologist and the first President of the Renal Physicians Association.

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