Sloand JA, Schiff MJ
Beneficial effect of low-dose transdermal estrogen on bleeding time and clinical bleeding in uremia

Am J Kidney Dis (Jul) 26:22-26 1995

The potential benefits of oral or intravenous estrogen therapy for uremic bleeding are well established, but adverse effects of prolonged therapy, especially with regard to coagulation, remain a concern. In this study 6 patients with CRF or ARF and elevated bleeding times were treated for at least 2 months with transdermal paches containing 17-beta-estradiol (50-100 ug/24hr), applied every 3.5 days. Four patients had recurring GI bleeding and the number of transfusions/2 month period was reduced in 3 of the four. Bleeding time fell to <10 min in all patients. However, onset of action and pharmacokinetics were not defined and blood levels of estradiol were not measured. Theoretically, transdermal administration is more efficient because hepatic metabolism of orally administered estrogens is minimized. (Daugirdas)

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