Weir MR, Gray JM, Paster R, Saunders E, for the Tandolapril Multicenter Study Group
Differing mechanisms of action of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition in black and white hypertensive patients

Hypertension (Jul) 26:124-130 1995

Previous studies have suggested that black patients repond less well to ACE inhibitors than do white pts, but the clinical significance has not been clear. In this study, 207 white pts and 91 black pts were given trandolapril 1-4 mg/d. A dose of 1 mg/d was as effective in whites as was 4 mg/d in blacks despite the fact that the drug inhibited ACE equally in both racial groups. The mechanism may relate to different sensitivity of the RAS (there was a dose-related decrease in aldo seen only in blacks) or to non-RAS factors. (Bakris)

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