Kamper A-L, Strandgaard S, Leyssac PP
Late outcome of a controlled trial of enalapril treatment in progressive renal failure. Hard end-points and influence of proteinuria.

Nephrol Dial Transplant (Jul) 10:1182-1188 1995

This is a follow-up study of a controlled trial previously demonstrating that enalapril slowed progression of CRF. Since all but 4 pts on ACE inhibitor continued this Rx after study, 70 pts (13 diabetic) were studied at mean 44 mo after trial termination. 12/35 (34%) on enalapril vs. 5/35 (14%) in original control group were alive and not on dialysis (P=0.05, CI 0.5-39.5%). No additive effect of ACE inhibitor and protein restriction was found. (Leehey)

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