Goldberg A, Sweet C
Efficacy and safety of losartan

Can J Cardiol (Suppl. F) (Aug) 11:F27-F32 1995

Losartan is the first clinically available AII blocker for use in hypertension. The efficacy and safety of this agent have been assessed in approx. 3700 patients in double-blind controlled trials. The BP lowering effect of losartan 50 mg qd was similar to 20 mg qd of enalapril. Addition of 12.5 mg Hctz increased antihypertensive response. Dizziness was the most common side effect with an incidence above that of placebo (2.4% vs. 1.3%). Withdrawal from losartan occurred in only 2.3% vs. 3.7% of patients. on placebo. The incidence of cough was 3.1% with losartan vs. 2.6% with placebo (NS) and significantly lower than with ACE inhibitors (8.8%). Hyperkalemia occurred in 1.5% of losartan-treated patients. and in 1.3% of patients on ACE inhibitors. No significant drug interactions were noted. Losartan is an effective and safe agent for hypertension and will be especially useful in patients unable to tolerate ACE inhibitors. (Leehey)

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