Kaye M
Hypocalcemia after acute phosphate load is secondary to reduced calcium efflux from bone: Studies in patients with minimal renal function and varying parathyroid activity.

J Am Soc Nephrol (Aug) 6:273-280 1995

The mechanism of hypocalcemia after phosphate loading in ESRD is unknown. In 13 functionally-anephric pts with ESRD, infusion of P (0.4 mmol/kg over 4 h) resulted in an equivalent fall in serum total and ionized calcium, suggesting little role for ECF Ca-P precipitation (note: in support of Adler et al. KI 28:932-5, 1985). Net flux of Ca from ECF to bone (45-Ca disappearance rate) was unchanged. These data suggest that with phosphate loading there was a reduced movement of calcium from bone to ECF. (Leehey)

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