Kaysen GA, Rathove V, Shearer GC, Depner TA
Mechanisms of hypoalbuminemia in hemodialysis patients

Kidney Int (Aug) 48:510-516 1995

It is frequently assumed that hypoalbuminemia in HD patients results from malnutrition. Albumin synthesis was found to be significantly decreased in patients with Palb < 3.5 as compared to patients with Palb > 4.0 (n=6 ea). There were no differences in dietary intake, anthropometrics, PCR, or Kt/V. Palb and synthesis rate correlated with plasma IGF-1. It is hypothesized that decreased Palb and synthesis were determined by non-nutritional factors, possibly IGF-1 mediated. The authors suggest that hypoalbuminemia is not necessarily indicative of malnutrition. (Leehey)

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