Wehling M, Camacho J, Christ M, Theisen K
Left ventricular hypercontractility in hypertensive patients with anginal pain and normal coronary angiograms

Zeitschrift fur Kardiologie (Aug) 84:606-613 1995

Wehling et al found that up to 30% of hypertensive patients undergoing angiography for angina or exercise-induced ST depression had normal coronary arteries. They compared LV volumes and ejection fractions in 50 patients with hypertension and 50 normotensive controls with no coronary artery disease.

Hypertensive patients had reduced end-diastolic volume and increased ejection fraction. End diastolic volumes were similar in hypertensives and controls. They theorize that LV hypercontractility and an increase in oxygen consumption might explain anginal symptoms in hypertensive patients with normal coronary angiograms. (Daugirdas)

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