Hebert LA, Dillon JJ, Middendorf DF, Lewis EF, Peter JB
Relationship between appearance of urinary red blood cell/white blood cell casts and the onset of renal relapse in systemic lupus erythematosus

Am J Kidney Dis (Sep) 26:432-438 1995

This study involved 17 pts with DPGN followed under the Lupus Nephritis Collaborative Study Group protocol at Ohio State University. Urinalyses were performed at at least 2 mo intervals. In pts with proteinuria > 1 g/24h, appearance of cellular casts predicted renal relapse (increase in proteinuria or serum creatinine) in 24/25 instances (predictive value was much less in pts w/o proteinuria). The relative value of various parameters of SLE activity for predicting renal relapse were compared. Overall percent of pts with renal relapse with the following parameters were: cellular casts 81; increasing hematuria 43; increasing pyuria 14; decreasing serum C3 65. Whether these findings can be used to make therapeutic decisions is unknown. (Leehey)

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