Bardin T, Labaildarne JL, Zingraff J, Laredo JD, Voisin MC, Kreis H, Kuntz D
Dialysis arthropathy: Outcome after renal transplantation

Am J Med (Sep) 99:243-248 1995

The purpose of this study was to follow the extent of resolution of beta-2- microglobulin associated arthropathy and bone cysts after renal transplantation. Fourteen patients were studied, in a blinded comparison of X-rays before and 12-121 months after transplantation.

Whereas joint symptoms were improved in 10/14 patients, the size of subchondral bone erosions did not decrease, and erosive bony lesions progressed over time.

The results indicate that while transplantation may arrest beta-2- microglobulin associated arthropathy and bone disease, little objective evidence of regression can be expected to occur. (Daugirdas)

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