Stragier A, Wenderickz D, Jadoul M
Rinsing time and disinfectant release of reused dialyzers: Comparison of formaldehyde, hypochlorite, warexin, and renalin

Am J Kidney Dis (Sep) 26:549-553 1995

Dialyzer reuse, while widespread, has come again under question because of a controversial claim that patients reusing dialyzers disinfected with Renalin and glutaraldehyde have an increased risk of mortality (Held et al, AJKD 23: 693, 1994). Stragier et al studied one potential mechanism: release of residues of the disinfecting agent after 'adequate rinsing'. They studied the rinsing time required to eliminate 4 different agents (formaldehyde, Renalin, bleach, and Warexin), and their in vitro release after completion of the rinsing process. The agents were tested in vitro on cuprophane (Renalin), cellulose acetate (formaldehyde), polysulphone (Renalin), and AN69 (all except formaldehyde). The principle findings were that the adequate rinsing time varies for the disinfection agent, and that some of the agents are released even after adequate rinsing. The rinsing times were longest for formaldehyde (30-35 min), intermediate for Renalin (20-25 min), and shortest for bleach and Warexin (7-15 min). The rebound release 30 min after adequate rinsing was the highest for formaldehyde (6 ppm), intermediate for Renalin, and low for bleach and Warexin. This study raises questions concerning the adequacy of current rinsing procedures for formaldehyde and Renalin.

Additional Comments: Dialyzer reuse is known to alter the membrane surface properties, causing alterations in middle molecule clearance (beta 2 microglobulin), aminoacid loss, and biocompatibility. This study extends this list to include adsorption of disinfectant, with subsequent release. The clinical consequences of this phenomenon will require further investigation. (Star)

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