Touchette MA, Patel RV, Anandan JV, Dumler F, Zarowitz BJ
Vancomycin removal by high-flux polysulfone hemodialysis membranes in critically ill patients with end-stage renal disease

Am J Kidney Dis (Sep) 26:469-474 1995

Clearance of vancomycin by high-flux dialyzers (e.g., F-80 or F-60) is substantial (approx. 100 ml/min); thus, post HD supplements are necessary in order to assure maintenance of therapeutic vanco levels (> 12 mg/l). The authors suggest the following protocol: Give 1.0 g loading dose. Measure vanco level 6h after the end of the first HD session following the loading dose. If level < 12, give additional 1.0 g; if level 12-25, give 500 mg, if level > 25, do not give supplement and obtain repeat vanco level 6h after subsequent HD. Once a 6h post-HD concentration of 12-25 mg/l is obtained, proceed with a 500 mg supplement after each HD. (Leehey)

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