Cavallini MC, Roman MJ, Pickering TG, Schwartz JE, Pini R, Devereux RB
Is white coat hypertension associated with arterial disease or left ventricular hypertrophy?

Hypertension (Sep) 26:413-419 1995

The prognostic importance of so-called "white coat" hypertension (elevated BP which is present primarily when BP is first taken in the doctor's office, but which falls on subsequent measurements or at home) is uncertain. Roman et al measured left ventriclar and carotid artery structure and function in 24 individuals with "white coat" hypertension and in age-matched patients with sustained hypertension.

Left ventricular mass index in patients with "white coat" hypertension (mean 82 g/m2) was similar to that in normotensives (78) and less than in patients with sustained hypertension (98). Carotid atherosclerotic plaque prevlance in white coat hypertensives (25%) was similar to that in normotensive controls and less than half that in patients with sustained hypertension (58%).

The data suggest that white coat hypertension may be a relatively benign condition with little end-organ damage, although the possibility that this merely represents an early stage of hypertension must also be considered. (Daugirdas)

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