Bonomini M, Forster S, Derisio F, Rychly J, Nebe B, Manfrini V, Klinkmann H, Albertazzi A
Effects of selenium supplementation on immune parameters in chronic renal failure patients on haemodialysis

Nephrol Dial Transplant (Sep) 10:1654-1661 1995

This study was an attempt to link impaired cellular immunity in dialysis patients with possible selenium deficiency. Twenty patients were studied in two cities (Italy and Germany). Half were given selenium supplementation and half placebo for 6 months. Hypersensitivity was evaluated only in the 10 Italian patients. Supplementation normalized plasma selenium levels, and in the few Italian patients studied, appeared to improve delayed type hypersensitivity.

Comment: Obviously much larger studies are required for these interesting preliminary results to be confirmed. (Daugirdas)

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