Summerson JH, Bell RA, Konen JC
Racial differences in the prevalence of microalbuminuria in hypertension

Am J Kidney Dis (Oct) 26:577-579 1995

The presence of microalbuminuria predicts the development of diabetic nephropathy and is an independent predictor of cardiac mortality in patients with hypertension, although a relationship between microalbuminuria and nephropathy in hypertension is not clear. African-American patients are 6- 18x more likely to develop hypertensive renal failure than are white patients. In this study, urinary albumin excretion rate (timed overnight sample) was measured in 109 patients (38 A-A; 71 white) with essential hypertension without clinical proteinuria. 32% of A-A but only 14% of white patients had microalbuminuria (urine albumin excretion more than 30 ug/min). There were no racial differences in glyHb, serum creatinine, duration or type of BP Rx; only race and systolic BP had significant independent associations with UAE. Microalbuminuria may be more prevalent in A-A hypertensive patients and may be a marker for susceptibility to nephropathy. (Leehey)

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