Daugirdas JT
Simplified equations for monitoring Kt/V, PCRn, eKt/V, and ePCRn

Adv Renal Replacement Ther (Oct) 2:295-304 1995

This paper is the most recent compilation of simplified formulas for urea kinetic modeling. It includes the 2nd generation logarithmic formula for Kt/V, made even more accurate by using modeled or anthropometric V instead of weight, and the new "rate equation" that corrects for urea rebound. The article also discusses the Smye method of predicting urea rebound, and a set of new formulas by Daugirdas and Depner for estimating PCRn from the predialysis BUN and either the single-pool or equilibrated Kt/V. (Daugirdas)

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Basic hemodialysis : Adequacy, prescription, urea kinetics