Pereira BJG, Snodgrass B, King AJ, Barger G, Chopra S, Perella C
Cytokine production during in vitro hemodialysis with new and formaldehyde- or renalin-reprocessed cellulose dialyzers

J Am Soc Nephrol (Oct) 6:1304-1308 1995

Reprocessing of dialyzers has been shown to attenuate complement activation by cellulose membranes; however, there is concern that reprocessing may be associated with increased cytokine production which could be lead to increased morbidity and mortality. To test this hypothesis, the production of interleukin (IL)-1a by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) during in vitro dialysis with new or reprocessed dialyzers was compared. Whole blood from healthy volunteers was circulated for 3h in the blood compartment; the dialysate compartment was sealed. Total IL synthesis by unstimulated and endotoxin-stimulated PBMC was measured by RIA. IL production was increased slightly but not significantly by new dialyzers, formaldehyde-reprocessed dialyzers and renalin-reprocessed dialyzers; endotoxin-stimulated IL production was significantly increased with new dialyzers and formaldehyde-reprocessed dialyzers but not by renalin-reprocessed dialyzers. These data do not support the hypothesis that reprocessing of dialyzers increases IL production. (Leehey)

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