Dudley CRK, Keavney B, Stratton IM, Turner RC, Ratcliffe PJ
U.K. Prospective Diabetes Study XV: Relationship of renin- angiotensin gene polymorphism with microalbuminuria in NIDDM

Kidney Int (Dec) 48:1907-1911 1995

A case-control study was performed to determine whether molelcular variants of genes of the renin-angiotensin system were associated with albuminuria in NIDDM. 180 patients with persistent microalbuminuria and control diabetics with similar glycated hemoglobin and lipid levels without microalbuminuria were compared. Some controls were also matched for blood pressure. No significant differences in ACE genotype or angiotensinogen genotype between cases and controls were noted. However, microalbuminuric patients with ACE DD genotype had significantly greater albumin excretion than those with a non-DD genotype. The mechanism by which the DD genotype might be related to the severity of albuminuria is unclear. (Leehey)

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