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Krepp HH, Graves SW, Price DA, Lazarus M, Ensign A, Soszynski A, Hollenberg NK

Reversal of sodium pump inhibitor induced vascular smooth muscle contraction with digibind

Am J Hypert (Jan) 9:39-46 1996

The search continues for "natural digoxin-like substances" in hypertension. In this report, such a sodium pump inhibitor, which has not yet been fully characterized, was extracted from "volume loaded" peritoneal dialysis patients. The extract contracted rabbit aorta, but only after about 8-10 hours. The time course was similar to that occurring with ouabain, and both oubain and extract-induced contractile responses were blocked by digibind (IgG Fab antibody fragments directed against digoxin).

Comment: This study suggests that, in addition to volume overload and increased sympathetic activity in dialysis patients, increased levels of a Na/K pump inhibitor may also contribute to hypertension. The clinical and therapeutic implications of such a hypothesis remain to be worked out. (John T. Daugirdas MD, University of Illinois at Chicago)