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Haubitz M, Ehlerding G, Beigel A, Heuer U, et al

Clinical experience with a new recombinant hepatitis-B vaccine in previous non-responders with chronic renal insufficiency

Clin Nephrol (Mar) 45:180-182 1996

Haubitz et al report the efficacy of a new recombinant hepatitis-B vaccine in 31 patients with inadequate antibody response to previous hepatitis-B vaccination. The new vaccine contains important pre-S1, pre-S2, and S epitopes of the viral envelope including both adw and ayw subtypes. Seventy one per cent of the patients had anti-HBs antibody titers greater that 10 IU/mL one month after the fourth injection. The antibody titers showed a wide range and titers fell below 50 IU/mL in 40 per cent of the responders after 12 months.

Comment: Patients with chronic renal insufficiency have a decreased antibody response to vaccination against hepatitis-B. The development of new recombinant vaccines may result in a better understanding of the immune response to viral infection and to improved response rates among patients with renal failure. The new vaccine described in this report successfully immunized more than half of a group of non-responders to previous vaccination. (George R. Aronoff, M.D., University of Louisville)