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Barba G, Cappuccio FP, Russo L, Stinga F, Iacone R, Strazzullo P

Renal function and blood pressure response to dietary salt restriction in normotensive men

Hypertension (May) 27:1160-1164 1996

Previous studies in black hypertensives and salt-sensitive Dahl rats have suggested that hyperfiltration and increased glomerular pressure occurs in these conditions. This study was designed to try to delineate the mechanism of salt sensitivity (i.e., hypertensive response to salt loading) in healthy men.

Forty seven healthy male volunteers were studied on a habitual high sodium diet (urinary sodium 184 mmol/24h) and a sodium restricted diet (urinary sodium 69 mmol/24h). Measurements included glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and lithium clearance (CLi).

Salt sensitivity correlated with GFR and absolute proximal sodium reabsorption [APR = (GFR - CLi) x serum Na]. Subjects with salt sensitivity had increased GFR and APR during the habitual diet.

Comment: Increased proximal sodium reabsorption leading to increased ECF, BP, and GFR (to overcome the impaired sodium excretion) may occur in salt-sensitive individuals. (David J. Leehey, M.D., Loyola University at Chicago)

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