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DeSouza CA, Dengel DR, Rogers MA, Cox K, Macko RF

The fibrinolytic system is not impaired in older men with hypertension

Hypertension (May) 27:1053-1058 1996

Impairment of the fibrinolytic system could predispose hypertensives to thrombotic complications. This study was designed to test this hypothesis.

Plasma concentrations of plasminogen activator (PA) and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) were measured in 12 hypertensive and 11 normotensive older men. Metabolic characteristics, esp. insulin and lipid levels, were similar in the 2 groups. No significant differences in PA and PAI-1 were noted.

Comment: These results do not support the hypothesis that the fibrinolytic system is impaired in older hypertensives. (David J. Leehey, M.D., Loyola University at Chicago)

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