HDCN Article Review/Hyperlink

Zhou YF, Leon MB, Waclawiw MA, Popma JJ, Yu ZX, Finkel T, Epstein SE

Association between prior cytomegalovirus infection and the risk of restenosis after coronary atherectomy

New Engl J Med (Aug) 335:624-630 1996

The abstract is available from the NLM (see below) so I won't belabor the details of this study. The finding that prior (but not active) CMV infection may increase the degree of neointimal hyperplasia in coronary arteries may have direct application to the dialysis setting, where neointimal hyperplasia at the venous anastomosis of grafts is a leading cause of vascular access thrombosis. Somebody please do this study!(jtd)

The abstract of this paper is available from the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site: click here .