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Borhani NO, Mercuri M, Borhani PA, Buckalew VM, et al

Final outcome results of the multicenter isradipine diuretic atherosclerosis study (MIDAS): A randomized controlled trial

J Am Med Assoc (Sep) 276:785-791 1996

The onslaught of calcium channel blocker studies suggesting adverse effects continues. This one is different, however, in that it is a prospective randomized study rather than a case-controlled retrospective study. The goal was to see if twice-daily isradipine would reduce the rate of progression of carotid thickening in hypertensive patients, as assessed by quantitative B-mode imaging.

No differences in intimal-medial thickness were found between isradipine and hydrochlorothiazide. However, there was a higher incidence of vascular events (MI, stroke, CHF, angina, and sudden death) in the isradipine group. (jtd)

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