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Arduino M

Vision, hearing loss after use of markedly outdated cellulose acetate dialyzers

CDC Device Query (informal) (Oct) : 1996

Seven patients hospitalized in a tertiary care center in the United States recently developed common symptoms seven to 24 hours after hemodialysis consisting predominantly of persistent vision and hearing disturbances, headache and paresthesia. Findings on physical exam included conjunctivitis, corneal opacification and optic neuritis. There were no immediate symptoms noted during dialysis. The syndrome is associated with the use of an aged cellulose acetate (CA) dialyzer. No other risk factors were identified. An investigation is ongoing.

Please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hospital Infections Program, telephone (404) 639-6413, FAX (404) 639-6459 or e-mail mgk8@cidhip1.em.cdc.gov if you have information on any similar events related to CA dialyzers or on the worldwide existence of any CA dialyzers manufactured prior to 1989.

Matthew J. Arduino
Dialysis and Medical Devices Section