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Strehlau J, Pavlakis M, Lipman M, Shapiro M, Vasconcellos L, Harmon W, Strom TB

Quantitative detection of immune activation transcripts as a diagnostic tool in kidney transplantation

Proc Natl Acad Sci (Jan) 94:695-700 1997

This paper describes how molecular biology techniques can be applied to allograft biopsy specimens to aid in the diagnosis of rejection. The full text of this paper is available from the PNAS site. Please browse the January 1997 issue. You can also try this direct link to the abstract, from which you can get to the full paper, but the direct link may not always work due to the way the PNAS site is structured.

Comment: This paper is the most extensive study of intra-renal immune parameters using molecular biology tools ever published. The data confirms earlier studies on the markers of immune activation within the transplanted kidney and add relevant information on the post-treatment evolution of the immune parameters studied. However, before its clinical application (advocated by the authors) one would like to see whether those parameters can indeed predict rejection, that is, appear before the conventional histologic signs of rejection. (Denis Glotz MD, (Hopital Broussais, Paris, France)