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HDCN News Archive -- Calcium, Phosphorus, PTH, Bone
Jan12 Bone mass increased by 800% in a mouse model
Jun06 Dr. Fred Coe's Kidney Stone Guide Book - a work in progress.
Dec21 Ergocalciferol supplementation does not affect ESA dose in dialysis patients.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Oct20 Vitamin D therapy may not contribute to kidney stones.
Feb16 Another study shows increased cardiovascular risk in women with high calcium intake.
Feb16 Vitamin D potency varies widely in nonprescription supplements.
Nov05 Randomized trial shows benefit for chelation therapy for heart disease.
Nov05 Cinacalcet for hyperparathyroidism trial results published in NEJM.
Nov05 Weight loss by bariatric surgery can lead to reduced bone density.
Nov01 DOPPS practice monitor updated in October 2012
Oct02 100K units of vitamin D per month does not reduce incidence of colds.
Sep07 CKD patients have reduced ability to prevent vascular calcification.
Aug16 DOPPS Practice Monitor website
Jul21 JASN RCT finds no benefits of 3 phosphorus binding drugs on vascular calcification in predialysis CKD..
Jul12 Ethanol consumption quickly slows elevated bone turnover rate; protects against osteoporosis in women.
Jul05 Fracture benefits of vitamin D in the elderly appear only at doses greater than 800 IU / day.
Jun27 Considerable variability found between 25-D assays.
May29 Naturally occurring calcium isotope ratios in urine can detect early bone loss.
May29 Prevalence of kidney stones doubles with obesity epidemic.
May29 Danish study identifies U-shaped mortality curve for serum 25-D levels.
May24 Another study suggests cardiovascular risk increase from calcium supplements.
Apr26 Want more bone cells and less fat cells? Endoglin may be the answer.
Apr26 Increased vitamin D levels may increase osteoporosis during calcium depletion.
Mar13 New laser-based photoacoustic ultrasound diagnostic method for osteoporosis
Feb26 How vitamin D inhibits inflammation
Feb14 Paricalcitol fails to improve LVH in CKD patients in randomized PRIMO trial.
Feb09 FGF21 (this is NOT FGF23) good for reducing fat mass, but bad for bone density.
Jan05 Manganese may play an important role in osteoporosis.
Nov21 Higher blood 25-D levels (> 100 ng/dL) linked to new onset atrial fibrillation.
Nov16 ASN; PRIMO study shows no benefits of paricalcitol on LVH in patients.
Nov04 Vitamin D study shows no mortality benefit in older women.
Oct19 Report links kidney stones to gallstones.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct11 Link between FGF23 and LVH strengthened by studies in mice, rats, and patients.
Oct04 Vitamin D deficiency common in patients taking oral steroids.
Sep21 Study calculates Vitamin D requirement for dark-skinned subject living in Chicago as 2500 IU/day
Sep13 Sensipar gets FDA label change focusing on hypocalcemia monitoring and seizure risk.
Sep13 Stored blood samples from CKD homocysteine study show that FGF-23 is risk factor for ESRD, death
Sep03 FDA updates kidney failure warning for zoledronic acid (Reclast) osteoporosis drug.
Aug19 High serum phosphorus may accelerate CKD progression, block effects of ramipril.
Aug10 Soy tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss in postmenopausal women.
Jun30 New test measures vitamin D absorption from dietary sources.
Jun23 Blueberries for strong rat bones.
Jun07 Response rate to bisphosphonates depends on 25-D level.
Jun07 Usual dose of yearly zoledronic acid may be considerably higher than needed.
May28 Biotrends report documents changes in vitamin D use with bundling.
Apr29 Thyroid supplements in the elderly increase bone fracture risk.
Apr26 25D blood level differences explain 40% of difference in blood pressure between blacks and whites.
Apr20 Calcium supplements linked to increased heart attack risk in older women.
Apr12 Reversed hookup between individual RO machine and home dialysis machine led to hypercalcemia.
Apr12 Vitamin D improves flow-mediated vasodilatation in overweight African American subjects.
Apr12 25D levels below 15 mcg/L linked to increased risk of age-related macular degeneration
Mar26 Jan-Feb issue of Seminars in Dialysis temporarily available free of charge. Includes critiques of latest KDIGO CKD-MBD guidelines.
Mar15 Wnt receptor Frizzled-9 involved in bone mineralization.
Feb04 Mutation points to adenosine as playig a role in arterial calcification.
Feb02 Bisphosphonates may extend survival by 5 years.
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Dec28 Vegetarian diet leads to lower phosphate and FGF23 levels.
Dec15 Ain't necessarily so: No link between serum 25-D levels and cardiovascular mortality.
Dec09 Naphthalene diimide useful to detect nanomolar quantities of fluoride in water.
Dec08 Study finds U-shaped relation between frailty and 25-D levels in elderly women.
Nov30 Keryx announces positive results for Zernez, an iron-based phosphate binder
Nov30 Institute of Medicine releases new guidelines for vitamin D intake (600-800 IU)
Nov25 A new approach to control serum phosphate
Nov14 Paricalcitol addition to RAAS inhibitors lowers proteinuria in albuminuric type 2 diabetics
Oct25 Shaking d'em old bones keeps them strong.
Oct23 Calcium acetate plus magnesium carbonate as good as sevelamer in P-binding ability.
Oct22 Teriparatide may rebuild gum tissue in periodontal disease
Oct12 Estrogen therapy associated with kidney stones in postmenopausal women.
Oct09 Androgen deprivation therapy causes structural bone decay.
Oct07 Secondary analysis of osteoporosis trial suggests that raloxifene slows progression of CKD.
Oct04 Oleoyl serine may be a new form of treatment for osteoporosis.
Sep30 Keryx initiates phase 3 trial of ferric citrate (Zerenex) as a phosphate binder.
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Aug31 Protein called "sprouty" linked to both fat mass and bone density.
Aug24 Genetic studies underline pleiomorphic effects of Vitamin D.
Aug19 Vitamin D may improve allergic aspergillosis related diseases.
Jul31 Is a dialysate calcium of 2.50 mEq/L too high?
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul22 Osteocalcin and bone intimately involved in diabetes and insulin action.
Jul15 Drink tea by the quart? If so you might risk fluorosis.
Jul12 New Canadian osteoporosis guidelines recommend 800-2000 IU of vitamin D for those over 50.
Jul08 High-protein reduced calorie diet linked to loss on bone density in women.
Jul02 Why 25 vitamin D levels may be low in uremia.
Jun02 Amgen drug denosumab (Prolia) approved by the FDA to fight osteoporosis.
Jun02 Do you have 10 burning questions about the role of FGF23 in kidney disease?
Jun02 Calcium supplements: Too much of a good thing?
May29 Ain't necessarily so: High dose cholecalciferol INCREASES falls and fracture risk in elderly women.
May18 Teva Pharmaceutical announces tentative FDA approval of generic cinacalcet (Sensipar)
May11 Proton pump inhibitors increase risk of fractures and of nosocomial C. difficile
May05 Dietary protein may reduce hip fractures in the elderly
Apr30 Doxycyclin plus rifampin effective in Reiter's syndrome
Apr22 Incidence of calcium-alkali syndrome increases with calcium/vitamin D supplementation in the elderly.
Apr15 Premeal ingestion of whey protein suppresses food intake and post-prandial insulin.
Apr15 AJKD: Is niacin ready for prime time as a phosphate binder in stage 3-5 CKD?
Apr07 Adenylyl cyclase 6 suppression by cilia in bone triggers new bone formation secondary to exercise.
Apr06 Lanthanum carbonate may work in patients intolerant to sevelamer and calcium-based binders.
Mar22 Effect of UV sunlight rays on multiple sclerosis -- something other than vitamin D at work?
Mar15 Higher 25D levels in African Americans associated with vascular calcification
Mar12 Weight bearing exercise during weight loss does not prevent increased bone turnover.
Mar11 Gastric bypass increases the risk of kidney stones.
Mar08 Good Vitamin D levels needed for adequate killer T cell function.
Feb10 Soy isoflavone tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss.
Feb10 Thiazolidinediones increase fracture risk in observational study.
Feb08 Barley, beer (esp. pale ale), orthoslicic acid, and bone health
Jan27 Vitamin D deficiency linked to GI microflora, gut immunity, and Crohn's disease.
Jan14 UC Davis study confirms efficacy of calcium plus vitamin D in reducing fracture risk.
Jan08 CJASN: Higher serum calcium levels associated with increased mortality.
Jan05 Fat mass helps build bone in young girls.
Dec29 JRN: Updated list of phosphate in sports drinks and other beverages.
Dec22 Neuropeptide Y receptors on osteoblasts are evidence of how brain and diet control bone formation.
Dec07 Vitamin D levels linked to survival in myeloma patients.
Dec03 Rat study suggests that fructose consumption in CKD blocks intestinal Ca absorption and vitamin D activation
Dec02 Heart failure linked to gene variant affecting vitamin D activation.
Nov24 Tired of giving expensive vitamin Ds to dialysis patients? Cholecalciferol is cheap and seems to work.
Nov18 Genzyme cancels development of Renvela successor.
Nov06 CJASN: Higher phosphorus levels in preESRD patients linked with coronary artery calcification.
Oct29 Teriparatide outperforms alendronate in treating steroid-induced osteoporosis.
Oct28 50K or ergocalciferol every 2 weeks as maintentance treatment for vitamin D deficiency.
Oct28 Shire's Fosrenol approved in Europe for preESRD patients
Oct19 FDA delays approval of Amgen's denosumab to treat osteoporosis.
Oct19 Uloric shown particularly effective in lowering hyperuricemia in patients with mild-moderate CKD.
Oct13 Jaw bone created from stem cells
Oct10 Neutralizing autoantibodies against osteoprotegerin may explain osteoporosis in celiac disease.
Sep26 Complete file of 2009 KDIGO guidelines for mineral bone disorder.
Sep24 Vitamin D deficiency in premenopausal women associated with hypertension later in life.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep23 Alpha-agonists prevent heterotopic ossification
Sep23 Leptin regulates bone mass via a serotonin pathway in mice.
Sep17 Vitamin K deficiency may be widespread, according to a new theory.
Aug28 High LDL cholesterol may thin bone by stimulating RANKL.
Aug21 When vitamin D levels low, macrophages get overloaded with cholesterol.
Aug19 Vitamin D regulation of immune function via cathelicidin conserved in all primates.
Aug19 Black skin, white skin, evolution, and vitamin D
Aug13 Cannabis may have a beneficial effect on osteoporosis in older animals.
Aug11 Amgen's denosumab cuts fracture risk and increases bone density in prostate cancer survivors.
Aug03 Millions of U.S. children low in vitamin D
Jul31 KDIGO releases 2009 CKD mineral and bone disease guidelines.
Jul26 Phosphate enhancer injection into meat products highlighted in new study.
Jul22 Potassium citrate supplementation blocks stones in children on a ketogenic diet.
Jul05 Vegans who eat no eggs nor dairy products have lower bone density than egg-milk vegans or meat eaters.
Jun30 Common gene polymorphism affecting calcium excretion (claudin 14) linked to both kidney stones and osteoporosis.
Jun13 Sevelamer carbonate (Renvela) approved for sale in the European Union
Jun10 Ferric citrate found to bind phosphate in phase II study with no marked adverse effects.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May19 NF-kappaB inhibitor might be ideal drug to combat osteoporosis and periodontitis.
May15 JASN early release: Low 25-D levels associated with coronary artery calcification progression
May07 Ghost sockets an early X-ray sign of future osteonecrosis of the jaw in patients taking bisphosphonates.
May01 Survey company releases report on usage trends for vitamin D, phosphate binders, and calcimimetics.
Apr29 Purdue animal study suggests that milk is better than calcium carbonate for building strong bones.
Apr27 Diet sodas may theoretically help prevent kidney stones via their alkali (citrate and malate) content.
Apr20 AJKD: Phosphorus content of foods varies from 6 to 21 mg phosphorus per gm of protein.
Apr16 Vegan Buddhist nuns, with calcium intake of 370 mg/day and protein intake of 35 g/day, have healthy bones.
Apr14 A short course of teriparatide markedly accelerates bone fracture healing in the elderly.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A06 Impax, a generic drug manufacturer, challenged by Genzyme with Renvela patent.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M24 Cathelicidin antimicrobial protein levels, regulated by vitamin D, linked to infection risk in dialysis patients.
M24 Higher dose vitamin D may lower fracture risk in the elderly.
M17 Shire sues Barr for patent infringement over Fosrenol clone.
M12 Low serum 25,D levels associated with higher BP and metabolic syndrome in teenagers.
F16 Wearing of hijab (conservative female Muslim dress) lowers 25-vitamin D levels by 50%
F13 Chewing gum containing phosphate binders dramatically lowers serum phosphate in dialysis patients.
F10 JAMA: Educating CKD patients about phosphate additives in foods lowers serum phosphate by 0.6 mg/dL.
F05 Journal of Renal Care (EDTNA) supplement on CKD-MBD
F03 Have trouble dunking the basketball? Check your vitamin D levels.
J08 Quest Diagnostics acknowledges errors (mostly overestimation) in vitamin D tests.
J01 Dentists reporting jaw necrosis in patients taking oral bisphosphonates.
D31 Giant, multinucleated osteoclasts found in bone of long-term users of alendronate.
D24 Bone disease in CKD management tool developed in the UK wins IT award
D23 Thiazolidinediones associated with higher fracture risk in diabetic women.
D11 Lack of vitamin D stunts growth and causes weight gain in girls.
D11 Glitazones lower bone density substantially in women but not in men.
D03 Bicarbonate therapy lowers urinary calcium excretion in older adults.
N27 Serotonin formation rate in the gut linked to bone formation rate.
N24 Vitamin D makes dialysis patients live longer? Say it ain't so, Joe! DOPPS pours cold water on the concept.
N19 Trouble controlling serum phosphate? Chew on this...
N18 Extreme calorie restriction (study in anorexic teens) impairs bone structure before bone density is affected.
N14 Renal Week: Relative vitamin K2 deficiency linked to vascular calcification in ESRD
N13 FDA: Review of atrial fib - bisphosphonate data suggests a weak or no relationship.
N06 JASN early release: Serum phosphorus associated with coronary artery calcification in healthy young adults in longitudinal observational study.
N04 1-alpha-25OH-D hydroxylase active in the lung; may be involved in immune defense.
O29 Marked rise in kidney stones seen in U.S. children; cause is speculative.
O28 Market research firm releases reports detailing changes in management of anemia, phosphate, and PTH.
O27 Risks of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation increased with fosamax and other bisphosphonates.
O16 Vitamin K does not slow age-related loss in bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.
O13 American Academy of Pediatrics ups vitamin D requirements in kids from 200 to 400 IU/day.
O06 Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of skin infections in patients with atopic dermatitis.
O02 Is low vitamin D activity linked to increased thirst?
S25 Tea found to contain relatively high fluoride levels (fluoride of potential concern in CKD patients)
S22 6 months of caloric restriction and 10% body weight loss does not cause young overweight adults to lose bone.
S18 Thin men more vulnerable to osteoporosis.
S03 Higher serum calcium levels within the normal range associated with increased fatal prostate cancer risk in NHANES.
A29 Eating two eggs a day while restricting caloric intake has no adverse effects on LDL cholesterol.
A21 Taste receptor for calcium present in the mouths of mice.
A11 Proton pump inhibitors increase fracture risk
A07 NEJM: FGF-23 is a risk marker for death in incident dialysis patients
J29 New study highlights risk of losing bone density while following a low-calorie diet for weight loss.
J26 Amgen shares rise after success of its drug denosumab in lowering risk of bone fractures.
J22 Ice-tea aficionado develops kidney stones
J14 Will global warming spark a rise in kidney stone incidence?
J14 Amgen's osteoporosis drug denosumab found effective in maintaining bone density in prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation.
J10 Aspirin may benefit patients with osteoporosis: a possible mechanism identified.
J08 Phosphate in CKD conference; September 26, 2008 in New York City.
J07 Dr. Allen Alfrey, discoverer of the cause of aluminum-related dialysis dementia, in memoriam.
J30 Calcium supplementation alone does not reduce hip fracture risk in the elderly (new meta-analysis)
J11 Vitamin D protects heart-failure-prone rats against heart failure when fed a high-salt diet.
J09 Observational study associated low 25-D levels with poor CV outcomes in peritoneal dialysis patients.
J09 High blood levels of 25-vitamin D may increase risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
J06 High-protein weight loss diet protects against the bone loss seen with standard low-fat higher carb diets.
M27 Study suggests that RDA for children for cholecalciferol should be 2,000 IU/day, rather than 200 IU/day.
M27 New scoring method for coronary artery calcification that takes into account extent of calcium coverage.
M21 Denosumab (target of which is RANK ligand) increases bone mineral density more than continued alendronate treatment in postmenopausal women.
M14 Yale scientists isolate estrogen-like substance secreted by osteoblasts.
M07 JASN: Calcitriol associated with a lower mortality in pre-ESRD patients.
M06 Abbott launches investigator-initiated grant program focusing on nonclassical actions of vitamin D receptors: App deadline June 30..
M05 CJASN July preview: Niacinamide effective as a phosphate binder.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
A29 Thiazolidinediones (glitazones) may increase fracture risk in diabetics.
A23 CARE-2 study published on-line in AJKD. CAC progression with calcium acetate plus atorvastatin similar to sevelamer.
A17 Low serum 25D levels associated with incrased peripheral arterial disease risk.
A15 Archives Int Med: Loop diuretics associated with lower bone density in men.
A12 Once yearly zoledronic acid increases lumbar spine density by 4% in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis patients; better than risedronate
A12 Artificial reef approach to strengthening bone.
A11 Shire Pharma launches On Track phosphate binder adherence toolkit.
A09 JASN early release: Raloxifene increases bone mineral density in CKD patients.
A06 Teriparatide (Forteo) gets European regulatory approval for treatment of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis.
M15 Bile acid derivatives shown to strongly activate the VDR receptor without increasing calcium.
M13 JASN early release: Both low and high 1,25 D levels associated with vascular calcification in kids.
M10 Gene associated with uric acid transport, blood fructose level, linked to risk of gout.
M06 Genzyme launches Renvela(TM) - sevelamer carbonate - in the United States.
F11 FDA approves first generic versions of alendronate (Fosamax)
J29 BioTrends reports on its survey of changing practice patterns in treating anemia and mineral bone disorder.
J28 Contrarian view regarding vitamin D supplementation
J16 Calcium supplements raise risk of heart attacks and stroke in elderly women.
J15 Osteonecrosis risk with oral bisphosphonates - low or high?
J08 Risk of cardiovascular events markedly increased when 25-D levels below 15 ng/mL.
J02 Vitamin D2 as effective as Vitamin D3 in maintaining 25-D levels
J02 Oral bisphosphonate patients not at high risk for jaw necrosis
D17 Annals of Internal Medicine: Vitamin D meta-analysis shows no clear benefit on survival in CKD.
D08 Calcium requirements may be overestimated - should be in the range of 750 mg/day.
D03 Rosiglitazone stimulates osteoclasts, which may account for association with increased fracture risk.
N12 Interleukin-1 receptor blocker rilonacept effective in treating chronic gouty arthritis.
N08 Vitamin D levels linked to telomere length and thus aging.
O30 Vitamin D benefits may be limited to cancer of the colon
O22 FDA approves Renvela (sevelamer carbonate) for phosphate control in dialysis patients.
O17 FDA advisory committee votes in favor of phosphate binder use for stage 4 CKD.
O12 FDA advisory meeting next Tuesday to study use of phosphate binders in pre-ESRD - Genzyme, Shire, Fresenius will all be present.
S07 Low vitamin D levels during early pregnancy associated with a fivefold increase in risk of pre-eclampsia.
A27 Lancet study supports benefit of daily calcium supplements plus vitamin D.
A10 New research shows skeleton to be an endocrine organ via osteocalcin.
J18 NEJM: Vitamin D deficiency widespread, linked to a number of chronic diseases.
J09 JRN: Hidden phosphorus in the diet
J27 Amgen makes labeling changes for Sensipar - no longer labeled for use in pre-ESRD patients.
J26 Higher fat mass associated with less coronary artery calcification in type 1 diabetics.
J21 NEJM: Women aged 50-59 taking oral estrogens have less coronary artery calcification.
J20 Dietary calcium better than supplements for bone health in women.
J19 Genzyme announces trial results with powder form of sevelamer carbonate.
J05 Young women who follow strict diet, exercise regimen at risk for bone loss.
M11 Low estrogen levels associated with osteoporosis in men.
M03 Some bisphosphonates associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation.
M02 Once-a-year bisphosphonate treatment for osteoporosis.
M01 Potential downside of calcium / vitamin D intake in the elderly: more stroke-type lesions in the brain.
A16 Genzyme completes sevelamer carbonate trial.
A05 Premenopausal overweight women do not lose bone mass during weight loss associated with diet.
A03 American Kidney Fund launches Medicare Part D program to cover dialysis patient bone meds.
A02 Ceprotin gets FDA approval to treat purpura fulminans.
M24 Estrogen protects bone by inhibiting apoptosis of osteoblasts.
M21 Want to fly to Mars? Watch your bone density!
M11 Are current recommendations for vitamin D intake way too low?
F19 Plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids may aid bone health
F04 Annual Dialysis Conference 2007 abstracts (Denver, Feb 18-20, 2007)
F01 Biotrends report of Dec 2006 survey on use of ESAs and phosphate binders.
J30 One in eight men over age 50 found to have osteoporosis
J22 Prozac and paxil associated with increased risk of falls and fractures
J09 Two Wisconsin companies get together to develop ingested products for hyperphosphatemia control.
J08 RIND study published in KI shows decreased mortality in new hemodialysis patients randomized to sevelamer (Renagel)
J04 Genzyme files new drug application with the FDA for sevelamer carbonate.
J03 Jaw cortex width of less than 3 mm on dental X-rays is a good marker for osteoporosis
D26 Use of proton-pump inhibitors associated with increased risk of hip fracture.
D22 Kidney stones in children no longer a rarity, Johns Hopkins clinicians emphasize.
D21 Genzyme files for FDA approval of sevelamer carbonbate - Renvela.
D20 Nanoparticles, kidney stones, vascular calcification, and calcifying bacteria: Mayo Clinic study suggests some links.
D12 Diet resulting in 10% body weight loss leads to measurable loss in bone density over 1-year period.
D09 New gene target identified that can markedly increase bone mass.
N26 Osteoporosis in men in the news.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N21 CARE-2 study results suggest that PhosLo plus statin similar to Renagel in terms of vascular calcification.
N18 Is lanthanum carbonate (Fosrenol) good for the bones?
N15 Fresenius completes acquisition of PhosLo from Nabi.
N14 Genzyme calls for research proposals for its grant program
N14 Homocysteine, B vitamin link to osteoporosis to be investigated in UK study.
O18 NABI announces positive results from PhosLo in stage 4 CKD
O13 Serotonin reuptake inhibitors increase bone mass.
O12 Fresenius to buy calcium acetate phosphate binder from Nabi.
O06 Drinking cola tied to bone loss in women
S20 Does vitamin D protect the kidney against diabetes?
S19 Demographic data suggest that sunlight exposure via vitamin D lowers kidney cancer risk.
A10 Genzyme suing Bone Care employees who started Cytochroma to make new D derivatives.
A04 Oral bisphosphonate risk slight, but dental patients should be aware.
J31 Studies in mice show mechanism of steroid-related osteoporosis (cortisone receptors on osteoclasts).
J31 American Kidney Fund and Genzyme announce Medicare Part D assistance fund for Renagel
J21 Fresenius to debut calcium-acetate / magnesium-carbonate phosphorus binder in Germany.
J18 EDTA-ERA: New data shows effectiveness of lanthanum (Fosrenol)
J18 EDTA/ERA: Phosphate control with calcium acetate superior to that with sevelamer.
J02 Cytochroma acquires Proventiv Therapeutics to commercialize new Vitamin D products for CKD market
J01 Keryx announces completion of phase 2 dose-finding results for iron-based phosphate binder Zerenex.
J22 Research identifies protein in mice that regulates bone formation
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J08 Fruit and vegetable intake has beneficial effects on bone via many mechanisms.
J06 Regulation of NFAT1c - a new way to build bone.
J06 Calcium from foods important to bone health
J06 Links between smoking and osteoporosis becoming more clear.
J03 Vitamin D3 reduces thrombotic risk in cancer patients
M30 It's the magnesium, stupid!
M24 Low-carbohydrate diet has no deleterious effects on bone loss.
M22 Low vitamin D consumption linked to reduced lung function in otherwise healthy teenagers.
M17 Link to the paper from India about niacin and phosphorus control
M17 Why not niacin as a phosphate binder?
M13 Nabi management survives takeover attempt by hedge fund operators.
M12 Genzyme says petition against Renagel inaccurate
M11 Texas nephrologist reports serious GI side effects associated with Renagel to the FDA.
M08 25-OH D3 deficiency in CKD patients is widely prevalent
A25 Low vitamin D intake during pregnancy linked to low birth weight
A25 Low vitamin D intake during pregnancy linked to low birth weight - an issue for pregnancy in CKD patients?
A04 Vitamin D and calcium may lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes in women.
A04 Low vitamin D levels associated with increased cancer incidence.
M28 Growing body of research links lead exposure to osteoporosis
M17 New vitamin D anticancer effects may be separable from its bone effects.
F24 Nabi reports Q4 results - discloses future plans.
F22 NEJM: RANK ligand inhibitor denosumab increases bone density in osteoporosis.
F20 High aluminum levels linked to multiple sclerosis.
F16 Calcium and vitamin D supplements in postmenopausal women don't reduce fracture risk.
F08 Vitamin D inhibits progression of some prostate cancers
F01 Calcium citrate plus weight-bearing resistance exercise builds bone density in women.
J24 Archives: Chronic warfarin use increases risk of bone fracture.
J15 Vitamin D therapy in chronic kidney disease patients
J02 How is marijuana linked to osteoporosis? New role for cannabinoid receptors.
D28 Vitamin D can lower cancer risk
D26 Alcohol causes osteopenia - by inhibition of osteoblasts.
D21 Magnesium intake linked to stronger bones in elderly Caucasians.
D15 Bifidobacterium infantis now available for IBS: Does it benefit ESRD pts?
D15 Alcoholism-induced bone disease: toxic effects of ethanol on osteoblasts.
D14 High TGF-beta levels linked to weak bone matrix in animal studies.
D12 Higher vitamin D linked to higher lung capacity.
D09 Vitamin D3 helpful in treating resistant asthma in humans.
N30 DCOR study results show some benefit in terms of hard outcomes for Renagel.
N28 Higher dose of Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) approved by FDA for ESRD patients.
N24 Osteoporosis associated with six-fold increase in risk of heart disease.
N21 Vitamin D supplementation cuts risks of falls in the elderly.
N21 ASN abstract suggests that even Renagel patients need some calcium.
N19 Bisphosphonates improve periodontal disease.
N15 Amgen's RANK ligand inhibitor, denosumab, markedly improves bone density.
N15 Genzyme requests grant proposals for its Renal Innovations Program
N13 ASN: 6-year follow-up of patients taking Fosrenol shows encouraging results.
N09 Vitamin D levels modulate calcium intake effect on PTH suppression in nonuremics
N06 Vitamin D linked to improved survival after lung cancer surgery in the summer.
N01 Vitamin D compounds show promise in prostate cancer prevention.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O24 Shire highlights publication of 1 and 3-year Fosrenol extension study.
O07 New NKF bone disease guidelines released; emphasis on CKD kids.
S28 Nabi sues Ohio company for patent infringement over generic calcium acetate.
S26 Genzyme could see upside if Renagel included in Medicare Part D.
S06 Calcium scans can predict heart disease in healthy men.
S01 Calcitriol plus NSAIDs slow prostate cancer cell growth in vitro.
A25 Brain interleukin-1 levels related to bone dynamics and osteoporosis.
A19 Novartis trying to develop alternative phosphate binding drug.
A11 NEJM: PTH(1-34) given with alendronate improves bone density.
A11 NEJM: Alendronate after PTH(1-84) help maintain bone density.
A11 400 IU vitamin D may not be enough.
A02 Are some patients overdosing on calcium supplements and vitamin D?
J28 Genzyme announces preliminary results of Renagel-mortality study.
J26 Vitamin D supplements do not improve BMD in Afr. American, nonuremic women.
J07 More on Nichols vs. Scantibodies PTH assay patent infringement suit (pdf)
J07 Scantibodies wins in PTH assay patent infringement suit brought by Nichols (4th story down)
J30 Genzyme, Bone Care International, announce shareholder approval of merger.
J23 Vitamin D deficiency in CKD - why should we care?
J16 Genzyme and Bone Care International on track for their merger.
M27 Abbott announces FDA approval of Zemplar (paricalcitol) capsules.
M22 Cannabis receptors present in bone; linked to bone loss.
M21 Compelling evidence mounts for anticancer effects of sunshine via vitamin D.
M04 Genzyme to buy Bone Care International for 600 M.
M04 Abbott presents Zemplar data on CKD patients.
M03 Extensive calcification in uremic rats given non-hypercalcemic dose calcitriol.
A28 Calcium and vitamin D3 alone fail to prevent fractures in the elderly.
A26 Charles Bishop returns to Bone Care International
A22 UCLA researchers discover new molecule that generates bone.
A21 Fosrenol competing with Renagel for phosphate binder market
A17 Soy isoflavones have no beneficial effect on calcium metabolism in women.
A13 J Ren Nutr: Phosphorus content of popular beverages
A06 New interleukin-related kinase in osteoclasts linked to osteoporosis.
A04 Cholesterol lowering drugs may lower IC calcium and inhibit proliferation.
M29 More Vitamin D may benefit housebound elderly.
M29 Bones in raw food vegetarians are light; may be stronger than expected.
M25 JASN study in the news about vitamin D and patient survival.
M25 ESRD patients treated with Vitamin D show longer survival.
M01 American Kidney Fund and Genzyme announce new patient assistance program.
M01 JASN: VItamin D injections improve survival in dialysis patients.
F21 Beta-blockers may prevent osteoporosis via leptin-mediated mechanism
F17 Vitamin D may ward off prostate cancer.
F03 Another lanthanum-based phosphate binder in development.
J19 Amgen's next blockbuster drug - for osteoporosis.
J13 Soul singer Isaac Hayes unveils new cookbook featuring low-phosphorus foods.
J13 Concerns arise about excess intake of vitamin A.
J11 Genzyme reports strong Q4 revenue growth.
J07 UV light exposure in tanning salons linked to higher bone mass.
D28 High calcium intake from supplements can increase calcium oxalate stone risk.
D23 Teva pharma reacquires marketing rights to IV calcitriol in the U.S.
D14 IV bisphosphonates linked to osteonecrosis of jaw.
D10 New aluminum-related warning labels for antiperspirants re dialysis patients
D07 Human parathyroid gland probably evolved from gills of fish.
D01 Dental X-rays are a sensitive way to identify osteoporosis.
N09 Gambro gets DOJ subpoena as well regarding vitamin D usage
N01 Quest Diagnostics gets DOJ subpoena related to Nichols Lab PTH tests
N01 Genzyme calls for research proposals for grant program
O31 Complex cause for brittle bones
O30 ASN: Sevelamer reduces coronary calcification in new dialysis patients
O30 ASN: Hectorol phase III results in CKD
O30 ASN: Fosrenol maintains bone health on longer term use
O29 Bone Care International receives DOJ subpoena
O29 New theory as to how estrogens protect bone mass
O28 European Commission approves Mimpara (cinacalcet) for use
O27 Bone Care Int;l. reports Q1 results
O27 U.S. FDA approves Fosrenal (lanthanum carbonate) for ESRD patients
O26 website now up for international kidney disease guidelines
O05 Nabi announces PhosLo CARE 2 study - Lipitor in both groups
O04 Abgenix monoclonal antibody successful in phase I tx of hyperparathyroidism
O04 Amgen RANK ligand antibody drug improves bone density in osteoporosis
S20 Genzyme launches Renagel REACH program, expanding access for Medicare pts.
S15 Myostatin knockout muscle-mice used to study osteoporosis
S15 Beta-blocker use associated with lower risk of bone fractures
S12 Chronic hyperphosphatemia elevates fibroblast growth factor levels
S09 Renagel patient assistance program fall enrollment information
A26 NEJM: Bones OK in kids after steroid treatment of nephrotic syndrome
A09 Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms related to prostate cancer risk
A04 Axillary approach may offer new cosmetic alternative for parathyroidectomy
A03 Abbott submits p.o. Zemplar to the FDA for approval to treat early hyperPTH
A03 Bone Care posts record sales of its Hectorol vitamin D derivative
J30 Cinacalcet (Mimpara) receives positive regulatory opinion in Europe
J27 Dr. DeLuca, pioneer in Vitamin D, and technology patents at U Wisconsin
J22 Abbott partners with Dr. DeLuca to develop vitamin D receptor activators
J20 FDA action date for Fosrenol extended from July to October of this year.
J07 Adynamic bone associated with vascular calcification
J05 Alcohol may protect bones against osteoporosis.
J10 Nabi launches study of Phoslo (calcium acetate) plus Lipitor
M27 US FDA approves paricalcitol (Zemplar) for use in kids with ESRD
M13 NEJM: Homocysteine levels, B vitamins, linked to osteoporotic fracture risk
A28 FDA approves Hectorol indication to treat SHPT in stage 3 and 4 CKD
A13 NKF unveils K/DOQI bone disease guidelines tools for professionals
A08 Cinacalcet paper published in NEJM
A06 BMP-7 injections restore bone loss in mice with CKD
M29 Are we getting enough vitamin D?
M24 Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) wins regulatory approval in Sweden
M17 Alendronate continues to work in osteoporosis up to 10 years
M08 Sensipar (cinacalcet) approval news release (Amgen)
M08 U.S. FDA approves Amgen's cinacalcet to treat secondary HPT
M03 Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to osteoporosis in elderly women
F21 Genzyme profits soar on Renagel sales
F16 Amylin protects against bone loss
F16 Bone med protocols from ESRD Network 11
F16 Bone med protocols from ESRD Network 11
F16 Bone med protocols from ESRD Network 11
F06 Stroke risk also higher for kids in Southeast US stroke belt
F06 Bone morphogenetic protein prevents adynamic bone disease in CKD mice
J29 NEJM: Strontium ranelate slows osteoporosis, reduces fracture risk
J18 Can people keep bones strong in old age? Bears may have the answer
J13 Genzyme reports strong revenue growth
J09 New bone mineral density gene identified in mice
D10 Undetermined muscle/bone pain linked to severe vitamin D deficiency
D09 Shire licenses Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) rights in Japan to Bayer
D03 NKF: K/DOQI bone metabolism guidelines now on-line
N15 Amgen gets FDA priority review for cinacalcet; positive results shown at ASN
N13 Genzyme calls for research proposals fror renal innovations program
N05 Debate about raising the RDA for vitamin D amid widespread deficiency
N05 New bone formation seen in osteoporotics treated with PTH
N03 Iceland gene screen identifies BMP2 as important factor in osteoporosis
O09 Low sunlight exposure leading to vitamin D deficiency epidemic in the U.S.?
O01 New K/DOQI guidelines on bone disease published as October supplement in AJKD
S21 NEJM early release: Alendronate may impair anabolic effects of PTH
S09 Amgen submits new drup app to FDA for new calcimimetic Cinacalcet
A31 Up to 20% of adolescents may be vitamin D deficient
A26 Indomethacin stops phosphate-wasting in X-linked hypophosphatemic mice
A23 Abbott to spin off hospital products business into separate company
A15 Zemplar (paricalcitol) may boost effectiveness of prostate cancer treatment
A05 Interferon gamma may explain estrogen-withdrawal osteoporosis
A05 Nabi acquires PhosLo (Ca acetate) from Braintree Labs
A04 Genzyme buys Sangstat for 600 M
J30 NEJM: Mortality lower in dialysis patients taking paricalcitol than calcitriol
J22 Osteoporosis in men being given increased attention
J16 Genzyme reports revenue gain on strong sales of Renagel and Fabrazyme
J30 Lanthanum carbonate (Fosrenol) trial results published in July AJKD
J12 3-year experience with lanthanum carbonate (Fosrenol) presented at WCN in Berlin
M19 Chugai plans to start selling Renagel in Japan next month
M14 Kidney Int Sup: Advances in Renal Osteodystrophy
M13 Lanthanum carbonate (Fosrenol) shows favorable effects on bone
A14 Obesity surgery may lead to weakened bones
A04 NKF: Long-term Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) controls serum phosphorus in HD
A03 Vitamin D improves calcium absorption even with normal serum vD levels
M26 Chapel Hill company (AaiPharma) launches sale of injectable calcitriol
M26 Study links bone loss, elevated blood lead levels
M21 Scleritis identified as a possible side effect of bisphosphonates
M10 FDA accepts Hectorol injection manufacturing submission
M04 Hibernating black bears give new clues to recovery from osteoporosis
M04 New hints into development of osteoporosis
M03 Shire says FDA has given them an approvable letter for Fosrenol for PO4 binding
F27 European Union review of Shire's Fosrenol lanthanum phosphate binder delayed
J20 Vitamin D deficiency may play a role in heart failure
J11 Bone Care (maker of Hectorol) to announce 2nd quarter results
D20 Lead in bones linked to pregnancy blood pressure
D17 Calcitonin knockout mouse shows increased bone density
N03 ASN: Oral calcimimetic reduces PTH levels in chronic renal disease
N02 Beta-blockers, leptin, linked to bone mass, possible role in osteoporosis
O24 New bone-specific estrogen (estren) on the horizon
O24 Soy isoflavones have no effect on bone density in young women
O23 ACE linked to calcium growth on aortic valve
S30 DeLuca reports on novel vitamin D compound that builds bone
A22 Milk avoidance in children leads to short stature and low bone density
A17 Vitamin A supplementation associated with low bone density