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  New Insights, Treatments, and Management Strategies for ADPKD
Arlene B. Chapman, MD, and James P. Calvet, PhD
(ASN Renal Week Clinical Nephrology Conference, November, 2007.)
Chapman: What was the design of the CRISP study in ADPKD patients? How was progression measured? What factors are known to be associated with progression? How was cyst size measured? How did the investigators get by without gadolinium? What were factors predicting increase in cyst volume? What was found regarding liver cysts? PKD-1 vs. PKD-2? How is the renin-angiontensin system involved in ADPKD? What was the design of the HALT PKD study? What was the rationale for dual blockade? Is concomitant aldosterone blockade indicated? Calvet: What are the strategies to inhibit cyst formation in ADPKD? What are potential methods of inhibiting cell proliferation? Cyst secretion? How are CFTR and NKCC-1 involved? Is cyclic AMP good or bad for PKD? What about bumetanide? How does intracellular calcium act to affect cell proliferation? What are potential implications regarding calcium channel blockers? What are the data about manipulating B-Raf, MEK, and ERK? Note: The other 2 talks from this CNC are avaiable as audiofiles at this link.



Nephrolithiasis: Physicochemical Factors in the Pathogenesis of Urinary Calculi (Worcester); Nephrolithiasis: A Bacterial Disease? Evidence Supporting and Against a Role of Nanobacteria in Calcium Stone Formation (Lieske)

Elaine M. Worcester, MD, FASN; John C. Lieske, MD, FASN
(ASN Renal Week Clinical Nephrology Conference, November, 2007.)
Worcester: What are the conditions for stone formation? How is supersaturation of urine for calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate involved? What is the optimum pH? Is urine alkalinization dangerous? Do meals affect calcification risk? How is calcium apatite plaque involved and which types of stones start in this way? What are present models of hypercalciuria? Is separation into hyperabsorbers and hyperexcretors useful? How can stone formation best be prevented? Lieske: What are nanobacteria? How small are they? What species are they related to? What types of calcification are they possibly linked to in the human body? In what types of biologic specimens can they be found? Is there any way that we can inhibit their growth? Which antibiotics seem to work? What to we know about their DNA? How can they be grown in culture?




Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of Hyperuricemia and Gout

Richard Johnson, MD (moderator); Robert Terkeltaub, MD; Michael W. Rich, MD; Daniel Feig, MD, PhD, MS
(ASN Renal Week Official Symposium, 2007).
Terkeltaub: What are the available treatments for gout? What is the mechanism of action of allopurinol? What are the cautions associated with its use? How is febuxostat different and possibly better? How do uricosurics work? Which ones are available? What are the pros and cons of uricases? Rich: Elevated uric acid is associated with poor cardiovascular outcomes. What evidence suggests that this may be causal? What were the findings regarding serum uric acid in the SHEP study? How does uric acid figure in studies of congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease? What do interventional studies using allopurinol tell us? Did the uricosuric effect of losartan affect outcomes in the LIFE study? Feig: What does a rat model of uricase inhibition show in terms of blood pressure and salt sensitivity? What does raising uric acid do to glomerular pathology? What is true of serum uric acid in essential hypertension in adolescents? What happens when you give half of them allopurinol?



The Aging Kidney

Danilo Fliser, MD; George R. Aronoff, MD.
(ASN Renal Week Clinical Nephrology Conference, November, 2007.)
Fliser: How fast does GFR fall as we age? If GFR the best measure of renal function in the elderly? What other changes occur in the kidneys as we age? How is the fall in GFR related to comorbidity? To what extent is cystatin a better measure of GFR in the elderly? Aronoff: How do we approach drug dosing in the elderly? What happens to body composition and how does this affect dose? Is liver metabolism of drugs affected? If so, how? What about pharmacodynamics? What is the Beers list of drugs? Which drugs are best avoided in the elderly? What are practical ways of reducing drug exposure in this population?

Updated: July 09, 2019 (Jul09)
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
Feb28 Ringer's lactate causes less kidney injury than saline.
Apr18 High salt diet makes subjects drink less and eat more !?
Jul12 Dr. Fred Coe videos on urine calcium supersaturation in stone disease.
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
Mar17 Updated CKD booklet for professionals released
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Jul31 Paid kidney donation and the Iranian model in the New York Times
May12 Controversy over ACP guidelines for kidney stone management
May08 Putting the brakes on bacterial resistance to antibiotics with targeted antibiotic scheduling.
Nov17 JAMA: New hyperkalemia sorbent effective in reducing hyperkalemia
Jul23 University of Chicago's Dr. Fred Coe's kidney stone website and blog.
Jul14 Bacteria found in healthy bladders differ from those in women with incontinence.
Jul14 Phase 1 trial launched of antibiotic that targets C. difficile.
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